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Members of the Colombian Navy stand guard on top of a seized submarine built by drug smugglers in Timbiqui, department of Cauca, February 14, 2011. Colombian authorities said the submersible craft was to be used to transport 8 tons of cocaine illegally into Mexico. Reported in the Colombian paper El Tiempo here: The sub presents […]

Ever wonder what the names of the countries mean? I found this picture and its amazing.

A 7-year-old kid bought a real Harrier fighter jet for $113,000 on eBay. The whole thing, weaponry not included. Sadly, his dad found out and quickly contacted the company selling it—Jet Art Aviation—telling them the story and asking to cancel the sale. But here’s the good news, kid: It wasn’t really worth it. The airplane was […]

Malaysian police are looking for them. The condoms, manufactured by the Sagami Rubber Corporation, were loaded onto a container in Malaysia last week, but never arrived in Japan (the container did arrive, empty, with its locks changed). Rest assured, no expense is being spared: “We take the matter of the missing condoms very seriously… we […]

  The internet?…. just check this infographic from Focus

London artist Carim Nahaboo was inspired to make these fantastical modelling clay monsters-in-jars by a visit to the remarkable Hunterian Museum of the Royal College of Surgeons: “They are all modelled with Fimo, and coloured slightly with ink, before being baked to harden. Then sealed into their new homes. They are all quite small, the […]