iPad 2 all the rumors that you need to know


Hey people!

I know that the iPad, rather than be a last tech gadget, has become in some sort of fashion that everyone has to fit in.

This was released just a few months ago but the iPad 2 is right here.
I had been reading, in the past few weeks, a lot of rumors around this magnificent device and i made a collection of the best articles so far.


More compact


  • Case makers have received measurements differing from current iPad by small, but noticeable amounts, mainly in depth
  • Nearly every Apple product gets thinner generation by generation
  • iPhone 5 rumored to be getting full redesign; iPad presaged iPhone 4 design and would likely do so for iPhone 5


  • Old cases won’t fit

Judgment: A thinner, perhaps more easily gripped form factor is almost guaranteed. Apple doesn’t want the old cases to fit.

New size and/or aspect ratio


  • Many media-centric tablets are adopting a widescreen format
  • A 7″ iPad would be more portable, have a sharper screen, and be more conducive to video calling
  • Most other Apple products come in small, medium, and large sizes


  • Steve himself ridiculed 7″ tablets as “tweeners”
  • Too many iPad applications are already formatted for 4:3
  • The hardware metaphor for the iPad isn’t a “tiny computer screen” but a “magical notepad,” and the 4:3 size more closely resembles that metaphor
  • No other iOS devices come in multiple aspect ratios or sizes

Judgment: Extremely unlikely. Apple will keep their product simple and familiar while the rest of the industry experiments with relatively unproven sizes and form factors.

SD card slot


  • Mockups show a mysterious port that is SD-card sized
  • Major customer demand
  • New market for white, Apple-branded SD media


  • No other iOS device has an SD slot
  • SD would interrupt storage-based price tiering on the device (why pay for SSD?)
  • Opening door to upgrading to SDXC would exacerbate the previous poiint
  • Disruptive to Apple’s PC-centric hub system of managing media (iTunes, iPhoto)
  • Arbitrary limitations to SD card capabilities may baffle users

Judgment: I personally have a lot of trouble believing Apple would do something so calculated, but Engadget says their source is “near certain,”

New multi-core “A5″ processor based on Cortex A9


  • iPhone 5 and other new Apple mobile devices moving to this new chipset
  • Move from Infineon to Qualcomm
  • Unification of CDMA and GSM signal operation
  • Necessary to support new graphics and on-device media management (following from SD card)
  • Year-over year improvements to iOS devices have always improved CPU
  • New graphics core known, CPU and chipset will upgrade with


  • None, sounds pretty solid

Judgment: Almost guaranteed.

Dual cameras with flash


  • Code shipped with original iPad suggests camera was close to being integrated even then
  • Newer code refers to flash and front and rear cameras
  • Case mockups already show holes for cameras
  • Apple wants to integrate Facetime with their entire lineup from iPod touch up to Mac Pros


  • Who wants to take a picture with their iPad?

Judgment: Very likely.

Very high-resolution display (2048×1536)


  • Leaked developer assets suggest a second resolution increase like that from the iPhone 3GS to iPhone 4
  • Apple has successfully kept a similarly high-profile display technology under wraps for a year or more with the original retina display for iPhone 4
  • It’s the logical next step for iPad resolution
  • 2x stretching wouldn’t be very destructive at such a high resolution
  • Hypothetically a major selling point against competing tablets, none of which are even close to this resolution


  • Some say this quality of display simply doesn’t exist yet
  • There’s no content built to fit such a resolution; even 1080p content would be “windowed”
  • Significant increases in RAM or GPU power would be required to drive display
  • Could be extremely costly

Judgment: Likely. I think they’re going to go for it. The objections are easily surmountable and if Apple is pushing media and photography, a high-quality screen like this will be a key advantage.

Marginally increased resolution (1280×960)


  • Would enable 720p content to be played back at native resolution
  • Much more in line with existing display tech


  • Resizing 1024×768 assets to this resolution would be awkward
  • Not much of a functional advantage other than the movie playback, and the iPad is already only a marginal movie machine due to its 4:3 form factor

Judgment: Very unlikely; I just don’t see this “evolutionary” step happening. Either Apple will stay with 1024×768 or they’ll quadruple the pixel count, but anything in between would be seen as a pointless compromise.

Secondary port on side


  • Side port allows for docking while in landscape mode
  • Able to use accessories while charging


  • Apple would never, ever do this
  • Give me a break

Judgment: No chance. Superfluous design elements are anathema to Apple.

Improved speakers


  • The iPad speaker is just awful
  • Improving it is cheap and a no-brainer


  • There’s very little space for speakers in there
  • You’re supposed to use headphones anyway

Judgment: Almost certain. That tinny speaker is one of the iPad’s most easily-mockable weak points.

iLife for iPad


  • Improved processor, storage, and so on make real iPad iLife no longer an impossibility
  • New iLife and Lion-based apps have fullscreen interfaces that could more easily be transferred to iPad (or be indirectly controlled by one)


  • iLife apps, like many mouse-and-keyboard apps, simply aren’t built for tablets
  • Potential fragmentation of the iLife platform, backup complications, and so on
  • Storage issues (potentially mitigated by SD storage)

Judgment: Good chance. Apple’s bringing of iOS to OS X is likely a two-way street, but the original iPad just didn’t have the guts for full-featured movie and photo editing, or at the very least it wasn’t up to Apple’s standards. That could be about to change.

Intelligent bezel/hot-pants device


  • Patent for touch-sensitive bezel that would let you control this and that without interacting with screen
  • Another patent suggests rear-panel “hot pants” input


  • Apple wants you to touch the screen, that’s the whole point of the iPad
  • This will likely be included in another, lower-profile product first
  • Don’t you hold it by the bezel?
  • Many cases obscure rear and corners of bezel

Judgment: Not likely. It’d be gilding the lily this year. Maybe next time around.


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